Rates Updated June 21, 2018

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Loans APR* Term Calculator
Mortgages - all mortgage products are offered through Members Loan Services (click here) Varies Varies Calculator
Signature (personal) - Closed-end **as low as 12.99% 36 mo. Calculator
Signature (personal) - Line of Credit **as low as 12.99% n/a Calculator
Share Secured (loan against savings account) 2% over acct. rate Varies n/a Calculator
New Automobile **as low as 2.99% 24-72 mo. Calculator
Used automobile **as low as 4.59% 24-60 mo. Calculator

APR = Annual Percentage Rate

APY = Annual Percentage Yield

**Based on Credit Score - Rates subject to change without notice.

Savings APY* Term
Primary Savings (required for all members) 0.08% n/a
6-Month Certificate 0.25% 6 mo.
12-Month Certificate 0.35% 12 mo.
24-Month Certificate 0.65% 24 mo.
36-Month Certificate 0.95% 36 mo.
48-Month Certificate 1.45% 48 mo.
24-Month IRA 0.65% n/a

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